One day I shall put these in some kind of order, but for now here is a hotch-potch of online materials that I have found inspirational and instructive

We need to talk about an injustice : an inspirational talk by Bryan Stevenson about punishment in America which carries many implications for everyone else

How we’re priming some kids for college — and others for prison:  Alice Goffman speaks about the institutions that shape the lives of young people in America – the college and the prison

The Desistance Blog and the associated film The Road from Crime

Turning prisons into schools: John L. at TEDxMonroeCorrectionalComplex

Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong: Johann Hari. As well as being instructive about the matter of addiction, this talk has all kinds of implication for crime. Try substituting ‘crime’ for ‘drugs’ and ‘reoffending’ for ‘addiction’ in this talk. – a Public Information film from Scotland 1944. The positive and non-judgemental tone is in striking contrast to the ways in which politicians and mass media speak about young offenders. (This was drawn to my attention by Professor Fergus McNeill – thanks, Fergus.)

A moving piece about death row and some powerful artwork challenging the death penalty in USA

Many countries think that there are too many people in their prisons. The solution does not seem mysterious – send fewer people to prison and / or for shorter periods of time. considers how easy it would be to reduce the prison population, but also invites readers to wonder why it is politically so difficult.

Angela Davis is always eloquent and challenging.  For example

Todd Clear: The Great American Incarceration Experiment: What Has It Cost Us?

Mike Guilfoyle posts fascinating and thought provoking reflections about probation here

Rob Canton presented the 21st Bill McWilliams Memorial lecture in 2018 and this can be viewed here